Chinatown Bus No.½

7/11/16: Chinatown Bus is out for submissions! Since it’s not a good idea to have the penultimate draft free to view while I’m trying to get someone to print it for money, I took it down. Once I get everything sorted out I may put up the first few pages as a preview but if you haven’t read it already, or want to read it again you’ll have to buy the hard copy.

Christ, I’ve over thought this one. It’s one of the reasons that this is the first comic I’ve posted in over three weeks. I’ve had this story on deck in my mind for two years now and of course nothing is turning out as good as imagined it. Oh well. Anyone who doesn’t soldier on with whatever skills they have at the moment never finishes any major work they start.

If you came here looking for my gag strips (or any of my other longer works) click on the HypnoSpiral Comics link at the top for the Archive, or just use this Link.


-EDIT: This story has grown to be almost twice the size of what I originally intended an it isn’t even halfway complete yet! Having just finished the penciling the penultimate chunk of the second act, some of the first act, drawn on much smaller paper, was starting to look clunky by comparison. One of the most important things I’ve learned about comics is that if you don’t like a page or a panel, redraw it. To wit, I’ve redone the first page as two and editied three other pages and drawn one new one. I hope this results in a clearer story of broader scope.

You can find the old pages below the new ones for comparison.

In any case, enjoy.

Edit: Okay, revised again. Here’s the one that got replaced:
(VOID-old) ChinaTownBus00WEB2x2