Hipsters Are Like Bees

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So a couple of years ago I realized with horror that I might be a yuppie. Lived in a big city. younger than 30, well paying “professional” job. Eventually I made my peace with it because it’s never something I aspired to and I genuinely liked the person I was/am. A couple of months ago I had a similar but far worse moment of clarity regarding being a hipster. It’s been tougher to deal with but the good news is since hipsters are the most self denying sub-culture there is the act of admission shunts you away from it’s terrifying black core (also known as Williamsburg, Brooklyn) . As it turns out I’m much more comfortable being a poser.

I’m so over it. Here’s a comic about a guy getting attacked by bees. If you don’t think it’s funny it’s probably because you don’t get it. I’m going to go bro down with some cool people you don’t know.