Back to Larson-style single panel comics. I really want to do more of these. Of course I also really want to finish Chinatown Bus and I also really want to draw some Sword and Sorcery comics after watching the 1982 Conan movie and season one of Game of Thrones back to back. I’ll get back to Chinatown Bus soon but due to the popularity of some of my recent gag comics I think it’d be stupid to switch gears without milking it a little bit more.

Not much to say about these this except that I think the first would have been funnier if you could see more than one telephone pole. Unfortunately the perspective that would have required would have fucked with the composition. Probably could have made it work but trying to make something perfect, especially something as disposable as a single panel comic, is a trap a lot of artists fall into. The real truth is that as you get better, your dashed off crap will actually look better than the work you labored over years earlier. I guess if you’re going to do anything creative constantly, it pays to focus on getting better at dashing.