Elephant Novelist

Sorry no update in two weeks! Last week I had my last show with Rookie Card at the Toronto Improv Festival. I’m a little sad to be out of the improv group I started in 2009 but after four years it was time to move on. Had a ball in Toronto though. The week before I went to a Renaissance Faire with some friends. Lame reason for missing a post but I had fun there too and you know what, sometimes you’ve got to relax. Get off my back.

If you were looking forward to the next installment of Chinatown Bus I’m sorry but it may be a while. I need to get up to Manhattan to take some reference photos and it’s going to be a some time before they get the whole Hurricane Sandy mess sorted out. For those that prefer my gag work, be happy. I’m going to at least finish another mini’s worth of jokes before I get back to the Hipster/Drama thing.

While I’m on that subject today I was looking through some old comics and realized that Peter Bagge’s “Hate” and Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” are in a lot of ways both sides of the same experience. Scott Pilgrim is everything fun and cute about being in your early 20s and Hate is everything disgusting and horrifying. Just a thought.

…I swear I’m not stoned.