Bell Biv DeVoe vs. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – pt.1

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So I’ve been wanting to draw a comic with the four horsemen in it since I saw the second half of Paul Robertson’s Kings of Power 4Billion% (pt1 * pt2). Bell Biv DeVoe reentered my radar when I went to SPX last year and Philly Comix Jam’s Ian Harker wouldn’t quit talking about them (or the 70s Taco Bell “Bell Beefer” loose meat sandwich). Seriously though, watch this youtube video. That song is damn catchy.

DC’s Magic Bullet tabloid comic is doing their next issue about the end of the world so I decided to purge both themes at the same time. Here’s hoping it turns out okay!

I really liked learning to draw horses for this strip. Jesus, that’s a lot of links.