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Store | HypnoSpiral Comics
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Pay Online or send Check/Money Order (no cash) to:


Remember, when making an order by mail to include the following with your order

  • shipping and handling costs
  • the address you want your books sent to
  • your email address (or other contact info) in case there is a problem with your order

Chinatown Bus – $12.00 ($10 + $2 S/H)

ChinatownBusDo you remember Brooklyn?

Not the current terminally gentrified bedroom community. Also not the old diverse, working class borough that still hangs on by its fingertips in a few isolated neighborhoods.

Do you remember the Brooklyn in between the two. That brief magic period when the very name was a secret password to private club of fashion and adventure.

This love story starts as that time is beginning to end.


“Any reader will enjoy a gritty urban tale about young people trying to find themselves. […] This is a great example of a cartoonist’s debut graphic novel.”

– Henry Chamberlain (ComicsGrinder.com)


Chinatown Bus (Graphic Novel, 84 pages) – $12.00 ($10 + $2 S/H)




What a Way to Go! – $6 ($5 + $1 S/H)

WhatAWayToGoGary Larson meets George Carlin in this collection of mind-bendingly hilarious comics!

The cream of the comics! The finest of funnies! The superlative of scribbles! The absolute best from the last three years of HypnoSpiral Comics!


What a Way to Go! (Comic, 32 pages) – $6.00 ($5 + $1 S/H)




Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Book Report Mini Comic) – $3 ($2 + $1 S/H)

IMG_1107I read it so you don’t have to!

Did you know that the night before Hitler’s suicide, there was a dance party in the bunker? How about that he dated his 17 year old niece? And no-one brings up the fact that he was never really elected at all!

Get all the juiciest bits from William Shirer’s 1,200 page expose of the Nazi regime in only 12 short pages!


Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Mini-Comic, 12 pages) – $3.00 ($2 + $1 S/H)




The CoDependent Tree + Other Stories and Comics – $6 ($5 + $1 S/H)

CoDependentTreeThe best jokes, gags and laughs from over four years of HypnoSpiral Comics!

Shel Silverstein beware! This volume includes M. Jacob’s scathing and hilarious satire of the most fucked-up beloved children’s book ever written!

The CoDependent Tree + Other Stories and Comics (Comic, 32 pages) – $6.00 ($5 + $1 S/H)




HypnoSpiral No.2 – $5 ($3.50 + $1.50 S/H)

HS2coverWEB8-Bit Alice In Wonderland, Sailor Moon vs. Sailor Jerry and Suburban Punk Rock Samurai are just a few of the subjects run down and tackled in the newest volume of HypnoSpiral Comics! Action! Comedy! HypnoSpiral Comics is 24 pages of goofy, nerdy goodness!

HypnoSpiral Comics No.2 (Comic, 24 pages) – $5.00 ($3.50 + $1.50 S/H)




Mini Comics – $2 for Latest ($1 + $1 S/H)

HSC7The mad mind of M. Jacob Alvarez, dealt out in 8 page, bite-sized packets! Order now – once the latest mini-comic is gone, it’s not reprinted!

Most Recent Mini-Comic (Mini-Comic, 8 pages) – $2.00 ($1 + $1 S/H)




Stickers – $2 ($1 + $1 S/H)

PostcardStickerWEBThe iconic “alligator ranch” sticker for all your car bumper and suitcase decorating needs.

Stickers (5.5″ x 4.25″ Sticker) – $2.00 ($1 + $1 S/H)

Currently Out of Stock!