The Co-Dependent Tree + Other Cartoons and Comics – $5.00



The best jokes, gags and laughs from over four years of HypnoSpiral Comics!

Shel Silverstein beware! This volume includes M. Jacob’s scathing and hilarious satire of the most fucked-up beloved children’s book ever written!


The Co-Dependent Tree + Other Cartoons and Comics     –     $5.00 + S/H


HypnoSpiral No.2 – $3.50



8-Bit Alice In Wonderland, Sailor Moon vs. Sailor Jerry and Suburban Punk Rock Samurai are just a few of the subjects run down and tackled in the newest volume of HypnoSpiral Comics! Action! Comedy! HypnoSpiral Comics is 24 pages of goofy, nerdy goodness!


HypnoSpiral No.2     –     $3.50 + S/H


“Congratulations Asshole” Stickers (5) – $2.00



Annoy your parents and teachers by putting one of these bad ass punk rock stickers on your math binder! Featuring the maniacally grinning pizza chef Jake can’t stop drawing!

Careful where you stick ‘em! They’ve got my website on them can be linked back to me!

“Congratulations” Stickers (5)     –     $2.00 + S/H