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Chinatown Bus No. 28

The Soundtrack to this strip is “Total Destruction to Your Mind” by Swamp Dogg.

In addition to being an amazing and under rated musician, Swamp Dogg has the best bad album covers of all time. Case in point, 1971′s “Rat on!” :

Anyway, Jesus Christ I’ve been fucking up recently. Busted my ass the first three months of this year to get all these pages pencilled and fuck me if I can work up the gumption to ink and post them. Haven’t been doing comedy or writing as much as I should. I’ve lived long enough to realize that the seed of creativity and advancement is frustration but it’s always a pain in the ass to live through the valleys. Oh, well. Ima take a walk and maybe get a beer or something. Hope you like the comic.

P.S. If you notice any anachronisms in this picture (tall bikes, etc…) this story takes place in April 2008 as of the last time I revised it in my head.